Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Further communication to Brett McCarthy

* I did not receive the email Gary Adshead claimed he sent me on 13 May 2011.

* An electronic search of all my Yahoo mail folders (just after I received and opened his email to me of 17 May 2011), did not find any email from Gary Adshead dated 13 May 2011. I took and preserved a screen grab of this result.

* Gary Adshead should not have gone ahead with an article prominently mentioning my name, and based on my work, without firstly, ascertaining if I’d received his electronic communication, and secondly providing me with adequate time to respond. Sending me an email (quite literally), a few hours before his print deadline, and then going ahead with the article when he had no way of knowing if I’d even seen his communication (which I hadn’t), was neither adequate, or acceptable.

* Further, there is nothing in the email he claimed to have sent me that indicates:

  1. He was planning to write a prominent article mentioning my name.
  2. He was planning to do so within a very short time frame (24 to 36 hours hence, at the most), and thus I needed to get back to him as a matter of urgency.
  3. That he had tried to discover my phone numbers without success. He didn’t state that in his claimed email, he didn’t ask for my phone numbers, he didn’t ask me to phone him asap and he didn’t provide me with his mobile phone number.

Gary Adshead should have . . .

  1. Emailed me at least a few days before his planned article, clearly explaining his intention and informing me of his print deadline.
  2. Clearly asked me to call him asap, and also provided me with his mobile number, in case I was unable to contact him within office hours - and explained why he’d been unable to contact me by phone (if that was case, though there’s no indication it was).
  3. Phoned me (in the same way he phoned Ross Taylor, also mentioned in his article).
  4. Postponed his article until he was able to contact me in a timely and professional manner, and after he’d made reasonable efforts to contact me. One email (and NO phone call), sent a just few hours before his print deadline, containing no information about how urgently he needed to speak to me, or what his intention was, was not a “Reasonable effort.”