Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fake email?

From: Mrs. Kim Bax (Full contact details provided)

To: Brett McCarthy (Editor of the The West Australian), Gary Adshead (journalist, The West Australian) & The Press Council

Re: Fraudulent email from Gary Adshead at The Western Australian.


Please see the response below that I received from Monica Jessup, at Computer Forensics World, when I forwarded Gary Adshead's email correspondence to her, which is also linked within this recent correspondence to Brett McCarthy:

As you will also note, when I got Gary's email of the 17 May 2011, I immediately did an electronic search of my Yahoo email account (all folders and files), which turned up nothing from him on the 13 May 2011 (the date he claimed he sent me his previous email). The screen grab of that result is also posted at the above link.

I am more than happy to allow Monica Jessup full access to my computer, and to all my email accounts (and allow her to publish a formal and public report of the results). However, are you willing to allow Monica Jessup to communicate with the responsible service technician your end, as she suggests below, to provide similar openness and transparency, because I certainly have nothing to hide?

I would also remind you that a book (and documentary), re Schapelle are in development, and I'm sure this latest grubby episode will be fully documented within both. It doesn't exactly show the Australian media and press in a flattering light, and both will have global exposure.

In the meantime, I will call Brett McCarthy's office before close of business to-day (19 May 2011), in regard to the right of response I'm seeking. I think around 400 words would be adequate, is that OK with you - or do you have another suggestion? I also look forward to your response re your co-operation (or otherwise), with Monica Jessup.

Regards, Kim



We have now had the opportunity to examine the two messages you sent.

There are a number of indicators which support your suggestion that the email referred to within the latter message may have been retrospectively constructed.

For example, both emails are purported to have originated from the same source. However, the date constructs are not identical:

Sent: Tue, 17 May, 2011 11:58:10
Sent: Friday, 13 May 2011 3:21 PM

Examination of the headers also reveals a number of other similar inconsistencies.

Whilst a forensic examination of your email account at Yahoo would confirm non-receipt of the original message, I assume that direct access to the email server used by is not possible. Nonetheless, you might ask the message source to allow dialogue with the responsible service technician, who could readily provide server logs which would record any such outgoing message. If the message is genuine, then in the interest of transparency, such a request might attract a positive response.

Finally, any additional information would assist in a more detailed enquiry, which our team will conduct pro bono. I will call you later.

Monica Jessup